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Huyết Yến 250gr (SC)
Type: 250 Gr
US oz: 8.5 OZ
Character: Huyet Yen
Giá bán:  $990.00
Số lượng:      
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Thông tin
Contents: Premium Red Raw Bird Nest with primary treatments.

Feathers and impurities are removed by tweezering after being soaked for a short period of time, then dried up and packed in boxes. Primary treatments would not soak the nest for a long time like refinery. The nests remain their original shapes. Averagely, it takes 4 hours to primarily treat every 250 gram (8.5 oz) of bird nest.

In addition, refined bird nests are soaked for a long period of time for deeper cleansing (about 99.9% cleaned). Therefore, the threads expand completely, resulted in loss in original shapes and nutrient. However, this method is very convenient for consumers due to a much shorter period of soaking required when cooking, in comparison to bird nest with primary treatments.
Instructions for preparation:Soak the nests in water about 30o C or 86oF (about 2 – 2.5 hours) and clean them. If not planning to use right away, it is recommended to dry and refrigerate the nests. The nest shall be good for 10 days.

Preservation: Store in cool, clean and dry place with avoidance from the sun.

Our Promises:
  • No Bleach.
  • No Preservation Chemical.
  • No Artificial Flavor.

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